Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday, October 29th 9-3

The "Fall Happening" at the barn is less than a week away! Hope you can all get out on this nice fall day for what will probably be the last opening of the year. The barn is full and stuffed with fun vintage, salvage and repurposed items for your home decor and many gift giving ideas. Bring a friend, enjoy some coffee, snacks and a real fun time with us at the barn! 

Hope to see you on Saturday!
Red Barn Rustics...Carla


  1. stopping by via JB Knackers where is your barn/shop located and what are your hours???

    1. I am an occassional sale open May thru Oct., however, I am willing to set appointments for anyone at almost anytime. Just keep in mind that during the winter the barn, even though setup as it is during sales can be quite cold. I am actually about 8 miles south and west of JB Knackers. Please let me know anytime you would like to stop you may e-mail me at:

      Thanks for your interest! Carla