Monday, August 30, 2010

It is just short of 2 weeks until the barn is open again and we have been busy bringing in "new" junk for everyone to enjoy. I can't wait to do the moving and decorating in the barn. It is fun to create and whirl everything into a new barn each month. Summer is running past us and heading straight into fall with its clean crispness and golden colors. The pumpkins that I had outside the barn last October have graced us with new plants and pumpkins to enjoy this season (I absolutely love accidental planted itself!)
I hope everyone takes advantage of fall to enjoy the outdoors...because winter is just around the corner. September 11 and October 9th at the barn will be exploding with new ideas and "new" junk to play with during those long snowy months...winter is the best time to cozy up at home and make it the place of your dreams.
Hope to see everyone soon! Until then...happy junkin' Carla at the Barn

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  1. We really need to advertise or at least push each other's sales. Our next sale is Sept 11th too. I would be more than happy passing out fliers. Love your blog, so light and an easy read!