Saturday, August 21, 2010

Well, what a season we have had, rain, hot, and more rain and hot. Maybe the weather will calm down now and we will have a purfect fall made for junkin and getting ready to settle in for the winter with all of our favorite new finds. Our family just returned from a trip to Colorado and I found all kinds of new inspiration that I will be incorporating into my September 11th opening. It is so much fun to travel to new areas and see what different things they have done to spruce up their homes and gardens!
I will have new pictures up shortly with many new ideas and finds that be in the barn. If you have never been to the barn this will be a great time to see the barn in all of its fall splendor (and I hope to see all of you regulars so that we can chat and catch up!). For the September opening I will be running a special, for every $25 you spend in September I will give you a $5 off certificate that you can use towards any purchase during the October 9th 9-3pm opening.
Hope everyone has recovered from all of the water and heat and that you are ready to start having fun the barn we can help you with that perfect find!
Be sure to check back often for all of the new photos!

TTFN Carla at Red Barn Rustics

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  1. Barntiques will be o0pen the same Saturday. Maybe we need to do a fun flier together. Can't wait to start the autumn season. Hope to hear from you soon.